Company history

Young, dynamic AND experienced.

Guilliams Logistics Solutions grew out of the knowledge and experience that we, the three Guilliams brothers, have gained in personally renovating the family business. We learned how to take care of unexpected construction problems, which we were able to solve quickly and accurately.

We learned that if you want to build or renovate, you need an approach that is tailored to your project, with thoughtful guidance for your ideas and your budget. These features are a standard part in the approach at GLS. We invested a lot in material and working methods to guarantee quality, sustainability and safety.

For orders that require a specialized approach, we are assisted by experienced contractors. We then monitor a smooth sequence of operations and quality.

Our strengths are:

1. punctuality,

2. reliability,

3. cleanliness at the site,

4. perfect finish,

5. aftercare.


Our team

Rohald Guilliams

logistics and financial guidance

Reinout Guilliams

coordination of construction and renovation, landscaping and gardening
Jessica Van Achter
Project leader

landscape architect